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Programming at Forte Arts Center

Whether you're looking try something new, or be a part of a team, or brush up on an old skill, FAC would LOVE to help guide you in finding the perfect fit for you and your family!

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Summer 2023 Schedule is Live!


Music Programming

Forte offers private music lessons for students ages 4 to adult! 
Learning to sing or play an instrument can have a dramatic impact on a child’s life … and at Forté Arts Center, we’ve seen that positive impact time and time again with our students! Music is something we ALL learn to love from a young age, so why not take advantage of that early interest and develop it into life-changing skills? Our teachers are eager to instill a love of music in each of our students, and to share their passion for the art. We believe music lessons are about much more than the notes!

Drum Lessons

Instructor: Mr. Ken

Guitar Lessons

Instructor: Mr. Ken
& Miss Shelbbie

Piano Lessons

Ms. Shelbbie

Ukelele Lessons

Ms. Shelbbie

Voice Lessons

Instructor: Mr. Ken
& Miss Shelbbie

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Performing Groups at Forte!

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